Donna has loved to draw people, particularly their faces, since childhood. For her, the beauty of a face—its uniqueness, expression, even its irregularities—offers a way to glimpse a person's character and capture a special moment, a transitory mood. Donna engaged this interest in college, graduating as an art major, and returned to her artistic pursuits in full force over the last seven years, immersing herself in both pastel and oil portraiture. She has studied with Charles Diehl, Victoria Wagner, Elizabeth May, and Tom Edgerton and contiues to paint live models in several artist's groups.

While she enjoys these opportunities, she also finds painting from photographs—those that reveal a subject's particular attitude and personality—extremely rewarding and effective. Inspired by the work of John Singer Sargent and his wonderfully loose and painterly quality, her work, both in oil and pastels, aims not to delineate every detail of a person (or animal) but to capture a certain likeness, to convey a singular disposition, to suggest a true individual.